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Fear of Driving Over Bridges

What would you do?

I had recently developed an irrational fear of driving over high bridges and curved overpasses. I had full on sweaty palms, body heat rises, heart racing, dizziness. I've never had a fear of heights. In fact, I enjoyed climbing to the top of the Sydney Bridge in Australia and painted the top of murals in college! It's just recent, as I've driven over the last 2 years. This doesn't fit well into our van/travel lifestyle.

Would you: 1. Stop driving all together? 2. Make your spouse/friend drive all the time? (This doesn't work well for us with 2 vehicles right now.) 3. Do it anyway and figure out how to get through it?

4. Get therapy?

Well, after a lot of self reflection of how I felt and what was going through my mind when I'd have these reactions, I feel confident that I have figured it out. I had a hunch of why this seemed to randomly come out of nowhere but over the last 2 years it’s gotten worse as we’ve driven around the country a few times. Back in Orlando, I went to our chiropractor who does an emotional release treatment called NET (this has been my mental maintenance since eliminating bipolar symptoms 15 years ago). What we confirmed is, over the last 2 years, I manifested a lack of confidence in myself and my body. It came from a few things, but mostly from the teachings of a business coach I was listening to. It was hard to break that relationship because I felt they had my best interest in their heart. Through my interpretation of their words, I felt unworthy, uncapable, and a total lack of confidence in myself. I felt as if I would randomly crank the wheel and plunge off the edge to my death. (So dramatic!)

Through self reflection, I realized something VERY important; I didn’t work as hard as I have on my mental health to allow someone or something to break my self-confidence down. Initially, I worked up the nerve to have a releasing conversation with that person and then released the rest of the subconscious pain with the NET treatment. Since then, I have been testing myself, driving over bridges the last few months with no hesitation! In fact, the more bridges and overpasses I drive over the easier it's getting. I get to see so much more now. I can even look off to the side a little to see the beautiful, sparkling water as I go to the beach. I CAN DO IT!!! The biggest test was the Skyway Bridge in St Petersburg, FL. The last time I had gone over the bridge, I nearly stopped right at the top, in the middle of the road. It's funny how the bridge now feels smaller than I remember. (Your fear is always bigger in your mind.)

I share this because I feel it’s important for people to realize how our emotions can get stuck in us in strange ways. It can manifest in physical and emotional stress that you put out and take in. It doesn’t even logically make sense why a conversation with someone can trigger such strange responses. But just being aware it’s possible, can help you on the road to reflection, healing, and gaining the strength that has always been deep down inside of you.

If you'd like more information on the NET treatment, go to Disclaimer: Joe and I have been using this technique to improve ourselves for over 15 years. We have eliminated many other deep rooted emotions. We now use this technique occasionally for new surface emotions that arise as we navigate through life.

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