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Have faith in your journey. Believe in yourself and others. Live a phenomenal life!

Our mission is to inspire you.

To be a beacon of hope to anyone going through challenges in their life. We want to show you can change everything when you design your life. Picture what you want and then go out there and get it. But remember to balance that with the flow of life, trust your process.

We are here to help you live well, laugh often, and love enormously with our stories and journeys. We hope you are inspired and join us on our journey of belief, vision, and action to create a successful life of adventure and abundance.

#KeepOnRolling  #BeTheReasonSomeoneSmilesToday  #LeaveAPlaceBetterThanYouFoundIt  #KindnessMatters

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I Got Better!

We often talk to people on our travels, having the opportunity to share about my healing process to eliminate my bipolar symptoms and drastically improving my Fibromyalgia. Below are links to the two treatments that were the right combination for me.  They helped rewire my brain from the chemical imbalance and eliminate emotional blockage build-up in my body. Hopefully, these links will be a stepping stone for you to find the help you need. Feel free to reach out and ask me questions. -Amy Rogan

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About Us

The Short Story

We are Amy & Joe Rogan, a couple of crazy 40 somethings that made a decision to change our lives from the corporate world to a life of adventure and freedom. Life is too short. We enjoy working together to inspire change and encourage people to go after their dreams while rolling along in our custom-built RV with our traveling cat Juno. We love meeting and helping amazing people along the way.

My name is Amy Rogan. My husband, Joe Rogan, and I have been married since September of 2000.  We met on the second day of art college at SCAD in beautiful Savannah, GA in 1996 at the fresh young age of 18.  Soon after we got married and graduated into the “real world,” my Fibromyalgia pain and Depression climaxed, resulting in multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and a Bipolar Disorder diagnosis along with Anxiety and Insomnia.  Needless to say, the first few years of our marriage were hell.  But Joe’s faith and belief that I would get better pulled me through and out of the darkest part of my life.  His choice to love me unconditionally and believe in me was the pivot in the right direction for my healing journey.  He gave up his career as a traditional animator to work at UPS to support us.

Around 2006, I really felt like I completely eliminated the Manic Depression diagnosis.  I was no longer on medications and I was finally starting my career in Fashion.  I felt normal!  For our 10th anniversary, he took action and left UPS to pursue his entrepreneurial heart.  Over the years, Joe and I have had many adventures, ups and downs in our marriage, finances, and jobs.  After my Cancer scare in 2015, I realized we could no longer live the “normal” life.  We had so much more to do, so many more lives to impact.  So we began this newest chapter of our lives with personal development, service to others, and living life to the fullest.

In 2017, we got a taste of our biggest adventure yet by traveling around the country on a business road trip through 27 states for 8 weeks in our Honda Fit.  That journey was a vision of belief, challenges, and planting seeds for our financial freedom.  Joe gets these visions of what we have to do and I have to figure out how to bring those visions into our reality.  It’s just like when I did my technical fashion design consulting work, the designer comes up with the idea and I make it happen.  Joe and I are just like that, we make a great team!

In June of 2018, just after our return from a road trip to San Antonio Texas to help launch some new business partners, our Honda Fit crossed over 200,000 miles and decided to shove us faster towards our goal of getting into the van life.  We found our 2016 Dodge Ram Promaster at a dealer nearby and made it happen.  We had been envisioning expanding into the van for about a year so we knew exactly what we wanted.

In May 2019, we sold our house and that’s when it really hit us, it’s really happening.  Plans are moving faster and right in line with what we envisioned.  We are excited for you to join us on our journey and we want to help you make the changes to your life that you want to do.  An arrow can not hit its target unless it’s pulled back, aimed properly, and let go.  Find your vision, find your destination, and then enjoy the journey no matter how hard it is.  When you take action you can live the life of freedom you want.  It’s going to be quite an adventure!

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We each have unique experiences and skills that we bring together to create a unique perspective.

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Amy Rogan

Technical Designer

Amy has had extensive personal and professional experiences. All of these experiences combine into a powerful perspective of technical expertise with consideration for creative and emotional wellbeing.

Professionally, Amy had an extensive career in the fashion industry as a technical fashion designer before transitioning into an entrepreneur. She has worked for companies such as QVC and Disney in product development.  She then partnered up with Joe in their entrepreneurial adventures with their granola bar business, elite coffee catering business, network marketing businesses, and more. She keeps them organized with the back-office details and planning events.

Personally, Amy has triumphed over multiple serious health issues including Fibromyalgia, Manic Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, as well as having multiple surgeries: Appendectomy, Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder), Hemithyroidectomy (removal of half the Thyroid), Supracervical Hysterectomy with Unilateral ⁠Oophorectomy (removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and left ovary with large endometrial cyst as well as endometriosis adhesions.)  The chronic and severe pains have given Amy a different view of life and what's most important to her. Gratitude is the foundation of happiness.


Joe Rogan

Visionary & Creative Designer

After Joe was labeled as "learning disabled" he discovered self-reliance and determination to experience the world as he sees it, from a different point of view. That label drives him to prove they did not understand how to teach a creative mind. 

After getting a Bachelor's degree in computer art and traditional animation, Joe has always kept drawing even though he gave up pursuing his career to take care of Amy. He worked various jobs, each leading to new and exciting experiences building to the next one.  As a UPS driver, Graphic Artist for a t-shirt printing company, Bartender, Catering Floor Captain, PR for his own YoYo Business, Published Illustrator, and Gig Economy worker, he has learned valuable life skills and built lasting relationships. His entrepreneurial heart and persistence have created multiple businesses and explored high-risk/high-reward opportunities. His ability to see the bigger picture takes us to places we never thought possible. 

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