Embrace Life’s Challenges

Over 40 years of life on this planet has taught us many things. Experience is the a wonderful teacher. Learning from other people's experience is even better, saving you a lot of time and pain. We used to think you just go with the flow and someone/something else is controlling everything. We've learned that while going with the flow and having faith you are in the right place at the right time with the right people, you do control the focus and direction of your life. A ship doesn't sail without a destination.

Since 2015 we've been focused; reading, learning, and practicing many personal development habits. As visual artists, we know the power of designing the life you want. We have used vision boards, mind movies, and literally drawing ourselves into existence. You also begin to "draw" or attract people and things into your life to help you achieve those goals. Come see proof of what we have designed for ourselves. We are always designing and re-designing so check back often.

Do you want to know how to design the life you want? Ask us.



We saw the van we wanted every day on the visor of our little car. The process to get the van was NOT what we planned but it was just the right timing. 4 days after coming back from yet another road trip and crossing over 200,000 miles on the odometer, our little Honda Fit couldn't take it any more. The roof leaked, a headlight went out, and the A/C died. Joe said, "well at least it's still running!" Then the clutch went. We didn't see any point in getting any other vehicle besides the one we'd been visualizing over the last year.



Joe wants to Fly

Joe started drawing himself as a pilot, he wants to learn how to fly planes.  Withing weeks of him drawing these sketches, he picked up an Uber passenger that was a pilot.  The guy asked him, why he wanted to fly. He replied, to fly my wife around so she can speak and inspire others with our story. The passenger tipped him $200 for his first online flight course. About a month later, Amy was at a CEO club networking. She met another friend, Josh, who owns his own plane and needed a reason to go flying every Friday and Sunday. He gave Joe unofficial in air flight lessons in exchange for illustrating his book. As you can see, focusing on what you want will make it happen.
The next step is to complete his flight lessons and buy a plane. Of course, he found a plane that can travel with us. It is a land, air, and sea plane. The wings fold in so we can tow it behind the van. Nothing is impossible. If you can imagine it, focus on it, it will exist.

look up to the skies.tif
look to the sky.tif
clear for take off.tif
air pookie.tif


When we were ready to sell our house near Disney in Orlando FL at the end of April 2020, we picked just the right time. We told our agent, that we had 1 week not booked in our Airbnb and that was the only time available to show the house over the next 6 weeks. It had to sell in that time. Just before we listed it, Joe had the brilliant idea to raise the price higher than what we were originally going to ask for it.  Our goal was to sell it at $70,000.  He figured, if someone low-balled us, we would actually be getting what we wanted. So we set the price at $79,900 fully furnished.  We listed the house on a Friday, we got a cash offer on Monday, and we closed on Tuesday. The offer was exactly what we wanted.  I had forgotten, I had drawn a picture in December of 2019 with that exact sold price, 5 months earlier. It was a win-win for everyone.
Sometimes what you picture doesn't happen with the exact timing you imagined. Although we were happy the house sold the way it did, the van was not ready to move into.  We still had to build it! 
Remember to be flexible when you get what you ask for.
The next step in that drawing is to pay the van off completely.


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